Hemorrhoids are natural veins of the anal, necessary for the proper function of the end of the digestive system. These veins often get inflamed and swollen, which results in disturbing, often painful symptoms. Despite the number of studies conducted on them,the causes of hemorrhoids remain unknown.

Pursuant to the studies so far, some of the reasons that may cause hemorrhoids are the modern way of life, our habits and daily activities. How? Our limited time makes us visit the toilet less often than required, and that creates huge hypertonicity of the anus´ muscle system. This results in hemorrhoids.

The symptoms of the condition are: itching, swelling, stinging, constipation, hemorrhage, intense pain, a sense of incomplete defecation, secretion of mucus and discomfort. This does not certainly mean that all patients suffer from the aforementioned symptoms. Each patient is and must be treated as a separate and unique case.

Hemorrhoids are divided in 2 categories, internal and external.

Internal hemorrhoids appear on the inner side of the anus and most times bleed. They usually cause no other symptoms other than bleeding and some times itching around the anus. During bowel movement they may appear externally but in the end they usually recede to their initial position.

External hemorrhoids appear on the opening of the anus and most times hang out of the anus. In very advanced cases, a thrombosis is caused which may cause intense pain. This pain may last for 2-3 days while the thrombosis may even last weeks.

Hemorrhoids are only treated surgically. One of the most known and painless operations is the Peter Lord Method, or Anal dilation. This procedure "strikes" at the source of the problem, i.e. the hypertonicity of the anal sphincters and their continuous spasms. It is a simple and painless operation, with sure results. During the Peter Lord Method, the doctor uses a special dilation balloon to dilate the anal ring with controlled movements, and the patient is relieved from the pain and any other symptoms he/she might had before the operation.

The patient may return to everyday activities right after the operation without having to suffer unwanted side effects, pain or other postoperative problems.

The Peter Lord method is the only one that can directly and effectively treat the heart of the problem of hemorrhoids, and not just their symptoms.