Surgical Oncology & Gastrointestinal surgery

Surgical oncology involves the surgical removal of neoplasms. In recent years scientists have a better understanding of the disease and there has been a huge progress in its management. Significant results are being achieved worldwide in the use of a new generation of drugs that block the factors of tumor angiogenesis, and in the evolution of “bloodless procedures”, and, in particular, laparoscopic surgery.

Although the application of the laparoscopic method in oncology was initially treated with skepticism, recent studies have shown that it has the same results as “open” surgeries while having the additional advantages of reduced pain, less postoperative complications and shorter hospital stay. Robotic surgery is increasingly gaining ground since it combines the advantages of laparoscopy with a surgeon’s absolute precision and enhanced surgical control.

In addition, however to the neoplasms, the gastrointestinal tract is often infected by other diseases, which often require surgical management.